Quien Es Miki La Italiana - Afryca Ft Andrea Ofg @MikiTheviking

Miki is Italian and has been living in Berlin for a long time. She is known with her partner Sasha as the duo “Sasha and Michaela.” She sings in Italian, Spanish, English, and sometimes in German, too. In Italy she has participated in several music competitions. At the age of 14 she succeeded in the “San Remo Giovani Festival for young Italian talents”

and later in the “Festival di Castrocaro.” She continued her success in Berlin where she won the talent competition “Lampenfieber.” On Sat 1 she presented the song “Hijo De La Luna” by Loona.
After several appearances on live shows, her new album “Italy” is now available in Germany. It is not easy to convince record labels if not recently appeared in a casting show. The release is also supported in Italy due to TIMEZONE and her connection in the music industry in her
home country. 
“Italy” is a special album, as a wide array of different pop music styles are combined: There are ballads, disco, jazz, latino-dance, reggae, and rock. For two songs Miki collaborated with young Italian rapper Andreas Melis. Because of Melis, who wrote both songs with Miki, rap elements
are present. 

All songs are sung in Italian, however one is in Spanish, a language she knows like her native language. Miki wrote the majority of the songs; a very personal album of an extraordinary singer. Her partner Sasha, who is a trained pianist, singer, composer, and mixer, supports her. He has been a successful musician in Italy, Switzerland, France, and Brazil. Now Berlin has become the second home country for both.


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